An AI-based Platform to Enhance the Profit Margin of Construction Material Suppliers/Traders
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An AI-based Platform to Enhance the Profit Margin of Construction Material Suppliers/Traders
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About Us

ProfitPlus Technologies Inc has developed a state-of-the-art automated platform for construction cost management to address the difficulties of manual and inefficient cost estimation in construction projects. The Company has recognized the need to embrace emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to provide innovative and efficient solutions that help increase the profitability of construction suppliers and focus on value-generating tasks. To this end, the company has developed AI and ANN-powered software that can accurately predict the cost of construction materials and estimate the total cost customers will pay for their orders. Automating these processes has minimized errors, improved efficiency, and assisted construction material suppliers in making informed pricing decisions by consolidating escalation data into an easy-to-understand report and sharing it with them.


To be the leading provider of AI and ANN-enabled construction cost management platform, enabling construction businesses of all sizes to automate their financial processes and increase accuracy.


To empower construction material suppliers and traders by providing them with the tools and insights necessary to make informed decisions that reduce costs, increase profit margins, and mitigate risks.

Problems to Solve

Adjustability & Automation

Businesses that are expanding often encounter various obstacles in their pursuit of increasing revenue, improving profitability, and scaling their operations. Being a material supplier means adapting to innovations in multiple aspects of the industry.

Economic Downturns

One of the biggest challenges in cost management is accurately forecasting the cost of a project. Many projects encounter unexpected delays, which can cause costs to balloon beyond what was initially planned. The construction industry is significantly influenced by economic fluctuations, which can substantially impact material suppliers.

Supplying Materials

Construction companies need to manage a complex supply chain of materials, equipment, and labour. Disruptions to the supply chain, such as delays in material delivery or a shortage of skilled labour, can lead to cost overruns. Contractors underestimate the required material amount, resulting in unexpected supplier costs. This results in delays, cost overruns, and rework.

Our Solution

ProfitPlus Technologies Inc has developed an automated construction cost management platform for construction businesses and SMEs. Utilizing cutting-edge AI and ANN technology, the platform has revolutionized the way that companies manage their financial operations. ProfitPlus enables users to compare the impact of various scenarios and actions, allowing them to create the best plan for their specific project.

Efficient Automation for
Construction Cost Estimation

The Company, with its AI and ANN-powered automated construction cost management platform, will help traders and suppliers of construction material automate many of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks involved in cost estimation and accurate price prediction.

Innovative AI-Powered Construction Cost Management Platform

The Company's platform is designed to provide construction businesses and SMEs with the necessary tools to process and analyze vast amounts of historical data from different sources more efficiently and accurately by leveraging AI and ANN technology.

Optimizing Project Costs with
ProfitPlus Platform

The company's platform, businesses will be able to track costs, monitor risks, and keep the project on budget. The platform will help in estimating the cost of materials required for the project. This will help businesses plan their budget and ensure that the required materials are procured on time.



Customizable Service

Real-time Visibility

ANN-based Advance Price Estimation Model

Highly Accurate Price Prediction of Construction Materials

Historical Data


ProfitPlus Technologies' automated cost management platform has revolutionized how we handle construction budgets. The AI-powered software accurately predicts material costs, saving us valuable time and resources. The detailed reports provide clear insights, enabling us to make strategic pricing decisions. It's a game-changer for the construction industry!

Construction Project Manager

I can't praise ProfitPlus Technologies enough for their innovative solution. Their AI and ANN-powered software have simplified our cost estimation process significantly. The accuracy of their predictions is impressive, and the efficiency gains are phenomenal. This tool has become indispensable for our business, helping us stay competitive in the market.

Building Contractor

ProfitPlus Technologies' platform is a lifesaver for our business. Estimating construction material costs has never been this easy and reliable. The automation not only reduces errors but also boosts our confidence in pricing. The user-friendly interface and insightful reports make it effortless to understand market trends. Thanks to this technology, maximizing our profits.

Construction Material Supplier

Meet The Team

Emmanuel Udofa Assiak

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Emmanuel Udofa Assiak is a result-oriented and ambitious Finance and Investment Executive with about 31 years of experience spanning private equity, banking, and manufacturing. He has worked as a Banking Operations Officer, Head of the Banking Operations Branch, Head of Head Office Operations, Head of Banking Operations–Nationwide, Financial Controller/Deputy Vice President, Vice President, Principal, Investment Director of FEDA, Chief Executive Officer (FEDA)/Chief Investment Officer, and Chief Investment Officer. As Chief Executive Officer of ProfitPlus Technologies Inc., Mr. Emmanuel Udofa Assiak will leverage his extensive leadership experience and expertise in executive roles to help the Company become successful within Canadian markets.

Kelechi Uba-Osigwe

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Kelechi Uba-Osigwe is a dedicated Executive Director and Company Secretary with about 10 years of leadership experience and expertise in strategy and business transformation. He has worked as an Intern/National Youth Service, Associate, Head of the Banking Operations, Legal Manager, Research Assistant, Legal Company Secretariat, Head Strategy and Business Transformation, Company Secretary/General Counsel, Managing Partner, Executive Director, and Company Secretary. As Chief Operating Officer of ProfitPlus Technologies Inc., Mr. Kelechi Uba-Osigwe will work closely with the CEO to design and implement policies to promote the Company’s culture and vision and oversee operations to keep businesses on track to success within Canada.

Jennifer Monye

Chief Business Development Officer

Mrs. Jennifer Monye is a skilled lawyer in government agencies and a litigation expert in the legal profession with over 22 years of experience. She has worked as a Legal officer, Special Assistant, Personal Assistant, Associate Attorney, Assistant Chief State Counsel, and Head of Legal Services. As Chief Business Development Officer of ProfitPlus Technologies Inc., Mrs. Jennifer Monye will be responsible for overseeing business strategy development and market insights that align with business goals to ensure the company’s success within the Canadian market.