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ProfitPlus Technologies Inc has developed an automated construction cost management platform for construction businesses and SMEs. Utilizing cutting-edge AI and ANN technology, the platform has revolutionized the way that companies manage their financial operations. ProfitPlus enables users to compare the impact of various scenarios and actions, allowing them to create the best plan for their specific project.

Efficient Automation for
Construction Cost Estimation

The Company, with its AI and ANN-powered automated construction cost management platform, will help traders and suppliers of construction material automate many of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks involved in cost estimation and accurate price prediction.

Innovative AI-Powered Construction Cost Management Platform

The Company's platform is designed to provide construction businesses and SMEs with the necessary tools to process and analyze vast amounts of historical data from different sources more efficiently and accurately by leveraging AI and ANN technology.

Optimizing Project Costs with
ProfitPlus Platform

The company's platform, businesses will be able to track costs, monitor risks, and keep the project on budget. The platform will help in estimating the cost of materials required for the project. This will help businesses plan their budget and ensure that the required materials are procured on time.



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ANN-based Advance Price Estimation Model

Highly Accurate Price Prediction of Construction Materials

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