Our Team

Emmanuel Udofa Assiak

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Emmanuel Udofa Assiak is a result-oriented and ambitious Finance and Investment Executive with about 31 years of experience spanning private equity, banking, and manufacturing. He has worked as a Banking Operations Officer, Head of the Banking Operations Branch, Head of Head Office Operations, Head of Banking Operations–Nationwide, Financial Controller/Deputy Vice President, Vice President, Principal, Investment Director of FEDA, Chief Executive Officer (FEDA)/Chief Investment Officer, and Chief Investment Officer. As Chief Executive Officer of ProfitPlus Technologies Inc., Mr. Emmanuel Udofa Assiak will leverage his extensive leadership experience and expertise in executive roles to help the Company become successful within Canadian markets.

Kelechi Uba-Osigwe

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Kelechi Uba-Osigwe is a dedicated Executive Director and Company Secretary with about 10 years of leadership experience and expertise in strategy and business transformation. He has worked as an Intern/National Youth Service, Associate, Head of the Banking Operations, Legal Manager, Research Assistant, Legal Company Secretariat, Head Strategy and Business Transformation, Company Secretary/General Counsel, Managing Partner, Executive Director, and Company Secretary. As Chief Operating Officer of ProfitPlus Technologies Inc., Mr. Kelechi Uba-Osigwe will work closely with the CEO to design and implement policies to promote the Company’s culture and vision and oversee operations to keep businesses on track to success within Canada.

Jennifer Monye

Chief Business Development Officer

Mrs. Jennifer Monye is a skilled lawyer in government agencies and a litigation expert in the legal profession with over 22 years of experience. She has worked as a Legal officer, Special Assistant, Personal Assistant, Associate Attorney, Assistant Chief State Counsel, and Head of Legal Services. As Chief Business Development Officer of ProfitPlus Technologies Inc., Mrs. Jennifer Monye will be responsible for overseeing business strategy development and market insights that align with business goals to ensure the company’s success within the Canadian market.